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ANARCHY CINEMA is a UK based creative video production company creating professional video content all over EUROPE. We focus on helping businesses and organisations grow by implementing videos into their structure.



So what actually is video strategy? In the most basic terms it means that we create video content which is designed to make you more money by bringing in new clients, saving you time and forming stronger relationships.


Video Business Card

Every business owner knows how important an "elevator pitch" is. Imagine having a 6o second video which breaks down what you do by humanizing your business. 

It basically works as YOUR online sales team without YOU having to spend hours on hours cold calling people and explaining your services. Imagine how much time that saves you!


Strategic Documentaries

What are the long term plans of your company/organisation? This is a question which our clients ask themselves on a regular basis.

We use documentaries to educate and engage your audience with a topic or theme which is relevant to YOU!


Custom Videos FOR any needs!

Every Business has their own story and set of goals and level of access. We can design videos around your goals and create custom videos which will accelerate your business plan.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation session.



It is very important to us that the documentaries we make engage people and keep them entertained while still portraying the heart of either the person, the event or the subject which the film is about. We have years of experience in the world of documentary and our work has been showcased in Canada, Germany and of course the UK.

The Art Paradox

We worked in Collaboration with Elevate Young Minds to create a documentary focuses on mental health issues within the arts community. This project was filmed in Brussels during Young Minds Matter and the European Arts Forum.


A documentary commissioned by Lancashire BME Network to showcase diversity and community cohesion in Lancashire. We traveled all across Lancashire and interviewed key figures in the community, including former Home Secretary Jack Straw, to talk about these issues.


A visual journey of the landscape design project 'The Path of Least Resistance' which featured at RHS Chatsworth Flower show 2017!

A very unconventional documentary which focuses more on creating a tone and a sense of what this journey felt like to the contributors, rather then informing the audience about the facts.



You need a slick video for your event? Here at Anarchy Cinema we treat each video like a narrative film. Every event has a story, a purpose and a message which deserves a video that establishes that. We focus on composition, pace, story and making each video as impactful as possible, not only visually, but also emotionally.


We went to the Armed Forces event in Leeds and we talked to some veterans and members of the armed forces to tell us about their forgotten heroes and why it is so important to remember them!


We interviewed participants of the Pride in Leeds and captured their views and opinions. Here is the highlights of what we captured on that colorful day!